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Are you a city dweller wishing to forget all the hustle of everyday urban life? Want to feel yourself a part of the society whose life doesn’t revolve around deadlines and business commitments? Bon Voyage Budget Safari in Kenya Deals has an excellent solution especially for you! We are pleased to offer a unique, fully guided tour to an authentic Masai village in Kenya. Our highly affordable 3-day Masai village Kenya package is not only a great chance to enjoy the charms of nature and explore one of the oldest cultures untouched by civilization. It’s also a superb opportunity to relax, free your thoughts, and get complete peace of mind.   


Dream of an unforgettable guided safari tour for Kenyan traditions? Need a change and want to experience something new and extraordinary? A guided/escorted visit to Masai village in Kenya is exactly what you need. Our Maasai village tour in Masai Mara National Reserve gives 3 days long-lasting pleasant visit memories for everyone who joins it, whether family/group visits. Breathtaking views of Maasai people, culture, dance, mud-thatched villages, and village warriors will make your visit the most unforgettable adventure of your life.


The Masai Mara village life showcases a completely different world of traditions where one can get the true aroma of simple yet interesting village life. The layout of a Maasai village Kenya is unique, and the mud-thatched huts set up in a circular pattern with the cows shed in the middle. A Maasai village visit to Maasai homesteads (Manyattas) paints a completely different picture. The villages have most homesteads surrounded with a live thorn fence to keep off the Masai Mara wild animals; hyenas, wild dogs, lions, and leopards away from their livestock. The windowless mud-thatched huts are built with women using a framework of sticks filled in with mud and coated with a layer of fresh cow dung.

Three Maasai warriors standing in front of a mud hut in the Masai Village on Maasai village tour

Three Maasai warriors standing in front of a mud hut in the Masai Village on Maasai village tour


Take a break from wildlife safari in the Masai Mara National Reserve and dig deep into the heart of rural Kenya, where the land of peacefulness, nomadic pastoralists, and ancient customs still exists. When you visit a Masai village in Kenya, the elders will welcome you to the village, and the Maasai women will break into a song while the Maasai men start their traditional dance. Take a good look as Maasai Morans jump high up in the air with a superb jumping height. Hardly there’re many professional dancers in the world who can perform such tricks as gracefully as the inhabitants of the Maasai village in Kenya do. Regardless of your age, Maasai song and dance will definitely impress you by their originality.  

Group of Maasai men performing a traditional jumping dance near trees on guided visit to Masai village in Kenya

Group of Maasai men performing a traditional jumping dance near trees on guided visit to Masai village in Kenya


A visit to Maasai village in Kenya will grant you witness to the unspoiled beauty of the Masai land and its rich culture, traditions, and simple lifestyle. The inhabitants of the Masai village in Kenya refuse to reject their semi-nomadic lifestyle and continue keeping the age-old customs of their ancestors. Visit Masai village in Kenya to see that sheer happiness is still possible without luxurious houses, mod cons, and high technologies. Capture the best moments with a full demonstration on how to create fire without matches or lighters by the Maasai Men. The Maasai tribe offers fire Making skills for everyone (group/family) who pays a visit to Maasai homesteads as part of welcome into a village.


Masai Mara village visit attractions

Vacations in Masai Mara take you beyond the Jeep safari game drives and wildlife tours into traditional, welcoming Maasai villages. With our experienced local Maasai guides, tourists choose to enjoy visits to a Maasai Boma made exceptionally of natural materials and guided nature walks by courageous Maasai warriors whose primary duty is the protection of their tribe and cattle. They have a great time dancing and jumping with the Masai people to the accompaniment of the rhythmic ethnic songs sung by the tribe. Also, visiting Masai village in Kenya, tourists try themselves in creating beading jewelry (necklaces and bracelets worn by both Maasai women and men) and have the pleasure of making fire, shared with local hosts, groups, and families. In a word, they get unforgettable experiences available only in Masai village Kenya.


For all ages

Masai Mara’s heart and soul lies in its small Maasai villages that boasts an authentic, rural way of nomadic life, with raw beauty and rich cultural heritage, making them worthy of recognition by travelers. For those planning their next safari to Kenya, step away from the chaotic city life and explore the beauty of these Maasai villages! Various activities to enjoy during your Maasai village Kenya visit include:

-Dancing and jumping with Maasai People. Our visitors get to feel the pace, style, and energy level of folk and classical dances of the Maasai culture.

-Making fire with the Maasai tribe. A full demonstration of how to create fire without matches or lighters. A unique experience guaranteed during Masai village visit to delight both young and old.


Services by a local Maasai guide

Visit Masai village in Kenya with Bon Voyage Budget Safari in Kenya Deals to acquire unique travel impressions and long-lasting memories. Take a walk, fly, or catch a family/ group jeep tour away from the Nairobi city and into a world where the average pace of life is slower than slow. Tourists seeking a place to get a real feel of Africa must visit its ancient Maasai villages to get a first-hand experience of age-old Maasai culture and traditions. We provide an affordable Maasai village Kenya tour in a comfortable 6-passenger 4x4 jeep trip. Our 3 days Maasai village visit guides and local travel guides guarantee you a thrilling small group Maasai village visit in Kenya. Whether it’s a family visit, a private Masai Mara village tour, or a group visit guided by Maasai warriors, don’t hesitate to contact us today.


Have you really been to Kenya, far in the gaping herbage of East Africa? Have you ever experienced the age-old traditions of the Maasai community? During our Maasai village Kenya visit, you will meet an ethnic group of people globally known for their distinguishing customs, dressing by (Shukas), and fearsome reputation. For hundreds of years, the Maasai people have been moving unsystematically in the lands of Kenya and Tanzania in search of a free nomadic way of living. Bon Voyage Budget Safari in Kenya will present you with a professional Maasai warrior guide who will surely see to it that you fully enjoy your experiences during the visit to Masai village in Kenya.

The visit to Maasai village Kenya gives you an opportunity to meet these precious Maasai people that have refused to adopt a more sedentary lifestyle due to the strong love they have to their culture. Their impermanent shelters magically blend with the wild. Spice up your Masai Mara village tour by taking an evening walk to a society that is strictly patriarchal in nature. With their diet attached to raw milk, meat, and blood, they believe that to be successful, one must own a large herd of livestock and many children. It is only here that you will hear people speak of the Black God (Engai Narok) and the Red God (Engai Na-nyokie). The Black God is believed by the Maasai people to be tender-hearted, whereas the Red God is vengeful.

A one on one interaction with the Maasai Village visit Kenya makes you aware of their hidden lifestyle practices. Polygamy is common, yet again wife lending among men of the same age set is practiced. The Maasai Morans (men aged 14 to 30yrs) are the defenders of the community. During this stage, they are isolated in the bush and taught the tribal customs. A Maasai Moran Warrior is expected to be brave enough to kill a lion. Every passion is fulfilled with the spellbinding cultural practices of the Maasai people. Our Maasai village Kenya holidays are bursting with diverse cultural activities and iconic sights in Masai Mara.


$ 20 per person/per visit (for family/group tour)

Masai village Kenya visit in Masai Mara is a great way to experience the lives of the Maasai people. For only $ 20, which is payable to a village chief, our local Maasai village guides will provide you with the utmost Masai visit experience.

If you are traveling in groups or a family of 6, you will experience a reduced cost of up to $ 15 per person for groups/family visits.


Evening Maasai village visits

A captivating 3-day Masai village visit Kenya will be a perfect choice. If you want to experience the Masai Mara village tour at its best, then evenings from 5 pm will be the best time. This is the time when all Maasai women are back in the villages from knitting shukas in the nearby fields, with Masai men are back from looking after cattle, goats, and sheep. The evening visits will allow time for tourists to participate in various village activities, from Maasai dance, songs to fire-making.

Don’t miss your chance to visit Masai village in Kenya with the best safari tour operator! Contact us right away to book a unique tour to the Masai village in Kenya at the most attractive price!